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[mod 0.14] Miniaturization 1.0.2

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Мод добавляет 2 типа манипуляторов и пакетный предмет.
1й манипулятор позволяет запаковывать ресурсы в один стак, 2й распаковывает их.

The minifying inserter grabs items and assembles them into a package. The magnifying inserter undoes the process. Packaging items allow greater denisity and throughput on the belts. Any items can be assembled, however there is only one package item. The package contents are remembered internally but cannot be seen until depackaged. Dissimilar packages do not stack. The assembling process can be composed in a hierarchy, which has additional tech requirements. The last tech level allows infinite throughput at great cost.

This mod is highly recommended to use with Factorrissimo Mod for truly infinite scaling factories without clutter.

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