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Обновление Factorio 0.14.16, изменения, скачать

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Дата: 2016-10-26

Новое обновление для Factorio 0.14.16 (экспериментальная версия).

Скачать Factorio 0.14.16

Список изменений Factorio 0.14.16:

  • Fixed crash related to technology migration. (35161)
  • Fixed item sub groups wouldn’t be used in the recipe GUI when item groups were disabled. (35140)
  • Public and LAN game visibility are now separate settings (in GUI and in server-settings.json), and they can be toggled runtime with the /config command. See data/server-settings.example.json for a way to specify the visibility, as the old one will not work anymore.
  • Fixed has password/mods filters not working.
  • Fixed problems with determining external IP address for MP games. (35192)

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