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Обновление Factorio 0.14.17, изменения, скачать

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Новое обновление для Factorio 0.14.17 (экспериментальная версия).

Скачать Factorio 0.14.17

  • Fixed quickbar clearing wouldn’t work when taking part of the stack. (35211)
  • Fixed that mod browser sorting column would be ignored after using the search. (35233)
  • Actually fixed Has Mods filter in browse games GUI (35222).
  • Fixed that the «can’t open enemy structures» error would show when it was never possible to open any GUI for the entity. (35220)
  • It’s now not possible to switch to the install-mods screen while there are mods pending deletion. (35260)
  • Fix constant combinator ignoring item_slot_count prototype change after creation (35201).
  • Tweaked map transfer algorithm.

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