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Обновление Factorio 0.14.21, список изменений, скачать

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Обновление Factorio 0.14.21 (EXPEREMENTAL)

Новое обновление Factorio 0.14.21 (версия экспериментальная). Список изменений ниже.

Скачать FACTORIO 0.14.21

Список изменений Factorio 0.14.21


  • Fixed that the game could crash when a game disappeared from the matching server before its details were requested. (35893)
  • Fixed that numpad numbers didn’t work for any game controls. (37005)
  • Fixed crash when merging forces while a player in one the force to be removed was crafting something. (37009)
  • Fixed game would be stuck in main menu if Join Game on Steam failed for some reason.
  • Fixed possible save corruption when roboport was destroyed while robot was repairing it. (37647)


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